Italian Super whole soft wheat flour

    $4.00 – $49.00

    Our bread mix 100% made in Piedmont Ideal used alone for bread, pizza and focaccia Super Semi-refined Wheat Flour This is our very own creation, a flour blended from modern...

    Wholemeal Monoportion Biscuits - Zero Sugar

    $2.00 – $75.00

    Zero sugar bar line Packaged one by one, good fragrances and especially sugar-free with sweeteners High in fiber and with an unmistakable taste of raw flour

    Valle Maira Whole Rye Flour

    $5.00 – $50.00

    The cereal scented with Piedmontese tradition Notes of green tea and mountain herbs Suitable for breadmaking at 30% Great for biscuits Rye from the Alpi Marittime Park Cultivated from 600m...

    Spelt Subrik Biscuits - Zero Sugar

    $5.00 – $33.00

    Sugar free biscuit with no added sugar Stone-ground spelled flour in the mill of the Riviera di Dronero Perfect for those with sugar intolerances or for those who want to...

    Flour + Cereals

    $5.00 – $67.00

    100% pure flour NO additives NO salt or other ingredients Perfect for focaccia, pizza, cakes and bread This flour is one of our best blends of our own stoneground cereals....

    Honey Blossom of The Maira VALLEY

    $4.00 – $33.00

    The best honey from the flowery and sunny mountains of the Val Maira combined with a very fine biscuit prepared with stone-ground corn flour in our mill on the Riviera....


    $4.00 – $33.00

    100% Lactose Free 100% Egg Free Brown sugar Dark chocolate only with type 1 flour and selected pear pulp Pear and chocolate biscuit, with brown sugar and pear pulp. Our...

    Rice ring-shaped biscuits and Whole White Yogurt


    Real specialties are born with the best rice flour and excellent whole yogurt. Rice and yogurt ring-shaped biscuits are one of our specialties. Born more than 20 years ago from...

    Chickpea flour


    Ideal for farinata, panelle, chickpea humus Gluten free Product of Italy Chickpea flour is a speciality product used in various recipes; Rich in protein and vitamins, it is also a...

    Fior di Grano Biscuit

    $4.00 – $33.00

    A raw biscuit, with flour just as it comes down from the stone mill millstone Perfect for breakfast, excellent for those who want to balance their intestines and for those...



    The perfect kit for those who have problems with sugar or simply is attentive to their diet! Sweetened with maltitol, a natural sweetener perfect for those who pay attention to...

    Nugà Hazelnuts & Caramelized Almonds biscuit

    $4.00 – $33.00

    The biscuit pastry fine and elegant with hazelnuts and almonds cooked in a caramelized sugar dark brown Perfume and unique taste Ideal with coffee or with white wine after a...

    Corn Flakes without sugar

    $5.00 – $7.00

    History of the Corn flakes Corn flakes, commonly called corn flakes, are gluten-free cereals of the maize family. The first corn flakes packaged and sold were invented at the end...

    Oat flakes small BIO

    $4.00 – $10.00

    Oat flakes are nothing more than flaked oat seeds! They are totally wholegrain and have great beneficial and nutritional properties. Not surprisingly we also find them in our Muesli Hazelnuts...


    $2.00 – $75.00

    30 pieces pack of 30gr each. Fiber-rich biscuits like these are not found very easily on the market. We only use some varieties of spelled, expertly mixed by our Miller...


    $2.00 – $75.00

    Biscuit with fruit Ideal for wheat intolerant Without milk and soft wheat flour Perfect for those who play sports or for those who want biscuit rich in nourishment and fiber...

    Big Biscuits - Zero Sugar


    Big biscuits without sugar, perfect to be enjoyed with a cup o milk or tea These biscuits don't have any other sugar se non out of those naturally present in...

    Diastasic Malt for Bread and Biscuits


    FUNCTIONS: Malt is so called "natural improver" of bread or dough in which long leavenings are used even over 24h. It is used for two reasons: - Diastase = diastase...

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