Cavanna Biscotti Artigianali e Farine Macinate a Pietra

Cavanna Family



Classic and Special Flour, ancient wheat variety (Senatore Cappelli, Monococcum spelt, Polenta..) stone ground milled!

Cavanna family is also traditional and healthy biscuits (hazelnut and chocolate, sugar free, vegan and lactose free biscuits and more..)”

Discover our history, our products and our philosophy!

The Cavanna Specialist Bakery was born from an idea of the Cavanna Family. A business was started supplying a quality product and in keeping with the age old tradition concentrating on the processing of cereals which had been cultivated with traditional, ecological methods, through the technique of milling. Slow milling using millstones allows for the preservation of the best properties during the transformation of cereals into flour. This choice was determined by the passion for a time-honored tradition – the miller, ever increasingly using innovative equipment and techniques throughout time.

Today more than ever, this plays an important role in the traditional food sector, a sector of the utmost importance as it is related to our health.Right from the start, the Cavanna Specialist Bakery decided to use only guaranteed quality cereals which were grown locally and with environmentally friendly techniques, using small plots of land where it was easier to monitor production.

linea produttiva al biscottificio cavanna
linea produttiva al biscottificio cavanna

First-rate quality raw material that is composed of white wheat, red wheat, rye, barley and spelt, to which ‘pignolet’, a corn of ancient origin, used to make polenta flour has recently been added. Each cereal has its own millstone to avoid contamination during the processing of the different raw materials.The full, homemade taste of such biscuits is also enhanced by traditional baking on special baking trays which guarantees both the aroma and intensity.

The care dedicated to the wholesomeness of the product and its processing reflects the respect for the environment on which the business is based together with the use of environmentally friendly energy sources such as the water energy of the mill and the photovoltaic system of the bakery itself.The business has milled in the Borgogno Mill, in Monastero di Dronero (Italy) and unlike other mills in the area which have been abandoned with the advent of new production methods, this mill is still in full working order.

The necessity has recently arisen to adopt an additional mill, and therefore the Della Riviera Mill, built on the Comella Canal, an area of the Maira stream in the centre of Dronero, has been acquired for the purpose.And it is from this point that the re-birth of the factory begins; an adventure based on the deep love for the land of its new owners, who, thanks to an uncommon sensibility, recognize the environmental and architectural value of the product as well as an appreciation of both the historical and technological aspects involved.