5 Cereal blend flour

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100% only Flour blend

NO additives NO salt or other ingredients

  • Perfect for focaccia, pizza and bread
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Cereal flour. Ideal for bread and cakes.

This flour is one of our best blends of our own stoneground cereals.

Our Farina + Cereali contains:

  • strong wheat flour to enhance the performance of the end product and the core of our blend;
  • organic Senatore Cappelli Bio, a durum wheat from ancient grains, easy to digest and offering the consumer all the fragrance of bread of a bygone era;
  • whole farro, the ancestor of today’s soft wheat, with lots of fibre, easy to work with, and an incomparable flavour;
  • whole barley, a rare cereal but rich in protein and fibre;
  • organic buckwheat, the gluten-free non-cereal, with great properties including large amounts of iron.

A tip: try our Farina + Cereali alone, both for bread and focaccia, with a humidity of about 60–65%, leaving it to leaven at leisure … More details? Check this out … Bread with cereals.


Mistakes are necessary, as useful as bread and often beautiful too. Just look at the Tower of Pisa.

(Gianni Rodari)


Made in Piedmont



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