Buckwheat flour


100% watermill ground

  • Ideal for anyone suffering from gluten intolerance
  • Perfect for crepes
  • Rich in iron for the immune system

We control our buckwheat provenance and supply chain directly, with dedicated milling and this non-cereal even has its own grindstone.

Did you know that to call it “buckwheat” is inaccurate? In reality, it is part of the Polygonaceae family, together with spinach and rhubarb and this is why it is gluten free.

A typically dark-coloured flour, it is used in many traditional recipes and is suitable for anyone suffering from gluten intolerance. It is perfect for cooking healthy foods. Even after grinding, buckwheat maintains a unique type of starch that takes longer to digest so if specifically recommended in diabetic diets. Given its dark colour, it also has significant levels of antioxidants.

A tip: how should it be used and how much should be used as it is gluten-free?

  • In bread: it will be difficult to produce a traditional type of bread. The lack of gluten prevents water from “meshing” and turning the mixture into dough. You can add 10% to soft wheat flour or to other flours such as whole farro or organic einkorn wheat to vary your diet. If you want to make bread without wheat flour, use baking powder, making crackers, not loaves, as it will be easier to bake.
  • In sweet pastries: biscuits and tarts work well, even at 30–40%. Remember it has an excellent but strong taste, so best use small amounts to start with. Mix it with Type 1 soft wheat flour and you will achieve a decent dough for tarts. For cakes, our advice is to use the mixture that includes super semi-whole wheat flour to make a tall, fluffy cake.


Here is a recipe suggestion from our blog!

Buckwheat crepes with chestnut cream.


Knowledge of food is poor. Less than 35% of Italians know the difference between soft and durum wheat, but more than 60% know what an Automatic Break System (ABS) is, because people selling cars explain what an ABS is, while those who sell food fail to explain anything.
(Oscar Farinetti)


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