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100% Piedmontese – 100% stoneground

A perfect flour for

  • Fruit tarts
  • Typical Piedmontese cornflour biscuits
  • Ideal for anyone suffering from gluten intolerance

Extra-fine cornflour for all types of sweet pastries

Our cornflour is processed in a mill dedicated to grinding maize, so it is not contaminated with wheat and its derivatives. In this way we guarantee the flour is gluten free. We receive whole flour from production, which is sifted to make two fabulous products: unrefined polenta flour and Fumetto or Fioretto cornflour.

Did you know that corn and maize are the same thing? Our Mulino della Riviera mill was extended when corn entered the local diet, in around the 15th century, with the addition of an exterior wheel and two millstones inside the structure. This explains well the foreign roots of what is now a common local cereal.

Cornflour contains all the fragrances and aromas of freshly ground corn and is fantastic in sweet pastries. It is very fine and lends itself well to various products, above all tarts and biscuits.

This is the exact same flour we use to make our classic Subrik and famous Piedmontese Pasta di Meliga pastry.


A tip: how should Fumetto be used in the kitchen?

  • For tarts: 30–35% of Fumetto cornflour, using Type 1 soft wheat flour (specific for shortcrust pastry) for the remaining percentage. You will see great results!
  • For biscuits: 40–45% of Fumetto cornflour, using Type 2 soft wheat (specific heirloom grains for biscuits) for the remaining percentage. The rest of the ingredients are up to your imagination!


The art of preparing sweet pastries is much more than knowing how to follow recipes perfectly: it is a true, outright gesture of love.

(Ernest Knam)


Made in Piedmont

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