Ceral Flakes and Berries 250g.

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  • Light, healthy cereal flakes
  • Berries and lots of flavour
  • Ideal for breakfast or a snack

Here is our new idea for the morning, the most important and decisive moment for a good start to the day: a mix of flakes, light and tasty fruits, ready for your breakfast. Cereals are playing an increasing role in our diet. In eastern and northern Europe, they are widespread and popular. In Italy, they are spreading thanks to German and Austrian influences, and are a welcome addition to our typical sweet breakfast of milk and biscuits. This spread is also the result of numerous intolerances that have increased dramatically in recent years, limiting the use of foods containing dairy and other similar proteins.

A tip: mix with dried fruit and our quality Organic Seed and Oat Mix selection of cereals.

Ideal in the morning as you leave for the day, or during an afternoon break, paired with an apple and plain, full-fat yogurt.


Treat yourself!


INGREDIENTS: Rice (47%), whole wheat (22%), sugar, dehydrated fruit mix (5%) (chopped black cherry, sliced strawberry, raspberry), rice flour, wheat gluten, wheatgerm, skimmed milk powder, wheat starch, barley malt extract, salt; raising agent: sodium bicarbonate; emulsifier: mono and glycerides of fatty acids
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