Corn Polenta Flour

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100% Piedmontese – 100% watermill ground

  • Traditional polenta mix with typical cornmeal
  • Cooking time: 70 minutes
  • Serve with meat or cheese
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Cornmeal for traditional polenta

Polenta, one of our best flours comes from the selection of local heirloom varieties of corn such as Pignoletto, Ottofile, Marano, and others.

Our polenta has a very balanced taste and retains the rustic quality of this venerable flour. The special blend of corn allows us to calculate the right combination for the different types, sometimes stronger, sometimes milder. By leaving part of the bran flakes in the flour, all the corn’s scents will be enhanced during the cooking process.

Our polenta is never the same twice and this is a plus for us: the hands of the millers, sometimes Fabrizio, sometimes Paolo, shape the cereal and surprises us every time. Never fear, though – the taste is always guaranteed!


A tip: how should traditional polenta be cooked?

  • In the kitchen: Does 70 minutes seem like too long for cooking? Here are some tips and tricks so you do not have to stay by the pot with a ladle in your hand for hours.
  • How to serve polenta? Pair it with meat or cheeses, as you like. Our polenta is tasty even without condiments; try it to believe it!


Making polenta is ancient tradition, which warms the heart, even before appeasing hunger.

(Gian Paolo Spaliviero)


Made in Piedmont

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