Crunchy hazelnut and Raisin Muesli


  • Mix of cereals
  • Healthy breakfast option
  • Rich in natural oils

Ideal for breakfast and as a snack with full-fat yogurt


An outstanding breakfast worthy of a champion with caramelized raisins and hazelnuts. The new breakfast frontier!

We selected our Crunchy Muesli after careful research. Muesli is an ancient mix of cereals that came from Austrian and German villages.

In Italy this type of breakfast is spreading and becoming part of our regular diet.

A tip: mix with dried fruits and seeds and our Organic Seed and Oat Mix. Add full-fat plain yogurt. Breakfast is served! A breakfast rich in fibre, vitamins, and protein. No more snacks and drinks full of strange ingredients. This type of dish is ideal early in the morning or in the afternoon, to stave off hunger between lunch and dinner.


INGREDIENTS: oat flakes, wheat flakes, sunflower oil, raw beet sugar, durum wheat flour, rye flour, raisins (vegetable oil) (6%), coconut, toasted hazelnuts (4%), crunchy cereals 4% (corn, rice, unrefined sugar, whole wheat flour, rye, barley, barley malt, cocoa powder, salt), honey, dextrose, wheat germ, salt. Contains gluten and nuts.

May contain traces of soy, milk, sesame seeds

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