Flour 5 seeds blend

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100% pure flour with the addition of seeds

Flax, Pumpkin, Sesame, Poppy and Sunflower.

  • No salt, no additional ingredients: only natural, genuine flour.
  • Use alone for perfect homemade bread and pizza

Farina + Cereali e Semi flour is our latest creation.

The experience we have built up over the years with wholemeal flours of various cereals led us to develop this special product. We started with our classic Farina + Cereali, a flour containing our finest grains, but we wanted to go a step further.

Our cereal and seeds blend contains three types of flour and five seeds: soft wheat, organic Senatore Cappelli, organic einkorn, all ground at our Mulino della Riviera mill. Then we add organic seeds of pumpkin, poppy, flax, sesame, and sunflower. The finishing touch is oat flakes, from a cereal rarely found in the Italian diet but rich in the fibre and minerals crucial for gut regularity and our health in general.

This flour is the result of endless trial and error on our part to get it right. It contains FLOUR and nothing else: no malted cereals, sugars, salt or other additives that might compromise the true flavour of natural flours.

Ideal on its own for making bread, focaccia and pizza; mixed with our Type 1 soft wheat flour, it is excellent for cakes and tarts.

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