Italian type “0” white flour

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Strong flour

  • Ideal for bread
  • Excellent for Roman-style pizza in an oven tray
  • Perfect for topping up sourdough

Italian strong Wheat Flour

Our strong flour, ground mainly from modern grains, which undergoes medium sifting so not all the exterior of the grain is removed: the wheat germ is still present in parts and this makes the flour more nutritious.

A tip: how to use it in cooking? Is it suitable for bread?

  • For cooking: Ideal for gnocchi as it absorbs well and is our best performer in this respect. Excellent for cakes as it allows the dough to develop with good airflow for a tall, fluffy cake. We recommend mixing it with 30% of a different coarse flour: whole farro, whole rye or whole wheat. This will make your cakes tasty and very fragrant!
  • For bread: this is the perfect strong flour for bread making, ideal for mixing with other whole flours to get a rustic country-style loaf. Used alone it works well for focaccia and deep-pan pizzas.

Our tip for leavening is to use a little fresh brewer’s yeast (3–5g per kg of soft flour) but to leave the dough to rest for 12–15h. This will give you a much more workable dough and a loaf with open crumb.

Other useful hints (amount of water, shaping loaves, etc.) for improving your bread can be found on our Blog!


Each grain has its flour; each person has their defect

(country proverb)


Product of Italy


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