Italian Type 1 Soft Wheat Flour

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100% Watermill ground – 100% Piedmontese Grain

Type 1 soft flour, perfect for:


Italian Type 1 Stoneground Soft Wheat Flour from heirloom grain.

We make our Type 1 by grinding grains grown within Piedmontese regional boundaries, blending the varieties typical to our area with Abbondanza, an ancient grain from Calabria’s Sila Park. Every cereal needs the right soil to grow well, accompanied, of course, by the best climate make it ripen correctly. That is why we try to source our crops in Piedmont as far as possible, but Nature will make one or two exceptions.

Our Type 1 soft wheat is a semi-refined flour: the product leaving the mill is naturally coarse, then we sift it to remove the outermost part. The advantage of this sifting – still done in the traditional way – is that it ensures the cereal’s wheatgerm stays in the flour. Wheatgerm is the lifeblood, the most important part of the grain and is rich in natural fats, minerals, proteins, and vitamins. Its presence means the flour is ALIVE in all respects, which means our Type 1 flour has its own story to tell.

Technical notes: This flour is marked as double W, referring to 180 on the flour strength table. Heirloom grains are far easier for us to digest even if they perform less well in the kitchen.

This flour is ideal for homemade pasta, tarts and biscuits. For mouth-watering pasta, we recommend blending 70% Type 1 with 30% organic Senatore Cappelli Bio, a durum wheat that enhances workability and stops the pasta overcooking in the pan. Try it!


Wheat is better off in the field than in the mill.

(Tuscan proverb)


Made in Piedmont

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