Italian Type 2 Soft Wheat Flour

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100% Italian grains – 100% watermill ground

Semi-refined flour

Perfect for

  • Jam tarts
  • Cakes
  • for bread add 30% to strong flours
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Type 2 heirloom wheat flour


Entire flour production comes from the waterpower of our Mulino della Riviera mill, in Dronero.

Only Piedmontese grains are used in the flour and farmers are all trusted supplier partners known to us. As part of our quality code, we observe and verify the sowing and growth cycle of the cereal directly.

This Type 2 has a strength of 180–200 W as it is produced with ancient grains including Gentil Rosso and Abbondanza, and is the perfect flour for anyone wanting to revive the flavours of the old days in the kitchen, tinged with memories of helping grandma or mum to knead dough with floury hands.

Our Type 2 is perfect alone for making tarts and shortcrust pastry, which is what we do for our biscuits.

  • For homemade pasta, if you are still a beginner in this skill, we recommend mixing half-and-half with a white flour, like our Type 1.
  • For bread, our advice is to use it with another semi-refined flour such as our Super soft wheat product. Used alone, the bread does not rise and is difficult to bake because Type 2 is low strength (180–200 W).

A tip: in summer, store flour in a cool, dry place to avoid weevil infestation. If you have room, keep it in the fridge, where it stores best without altering its properties. During the winter, however, remember to bring the flour to room temperature before using it for your recipes, as cold flour will impact the finished product!


Everyone wants water at their mill when there is corn to be ground

(popular proverb)


Made in Piedmont

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