Monoportion biscuits with oat, buckwheat and pumpkin 30gr.

 17,50 (iva inclusa)

Fantastic biscuits, individually packed. They contain lots of pumpkin pulp, stone-ground Piedmontese buckwheat flour and oat flakes. A perfect combination of ingredients for an authentic breakfast!


30 pieces of 30gr each 

Single-portion biscuit, created in the autumn. We wanted to test something new, very different from the classic biscuits.

This biscuit is produced with our stone-ground buckwheat flour, which is without gluten and highly digestible. It is very suitable for the preparation of desserts like buckwheat flour crepes.

This biscuit is also without milk, we use pumpkin pulp: very light and ideal to lighten the biscuit and make it digestible. We decided to choose the pumpkin because it is a local product and because it doesn’t alter the taste of flour and oat.

The ideal biscuit to bring with you throughout the day: in the morning, at work, in the afternoon or between your sport sessions!

Light and at the same time rich in fibre, absolutely reccomended!

Light biscuit, simple recipe.


Type 1 stone-ground soft WHEAT flour, 10% stone-ground buckwheat flour, 10% OAT flakes, raw cane sugar, BUTTER, sunflower oil, 8% pumpkin pulp, fresh EGGS, raising agent: ammonium hydrogen carbonate, whole sea salt.

NUTRITION DECLARATION per 100g of product:

Energy 2061kJ/492kcal
Fat 22g
of which saturated fatty acids 9,3g
Carbohydrate 64g
of which sugar 25g
Fibre 4g
Protein 6,8g
Salt 0,13g

Keep in a cool and dry place, away from light sources. It may contain traces of NUTS and SOYBEAN.


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