Organic Einkorn wheat flour

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100% Italian Einkorn Wheat – 100% Watermill Ground

  • Easier to digest
  • Ideal for anyone with intolerance
  • Perfect for homemade tarts and cakes

Organic product


100% Watermill ground, 100% Stoneground.

The history of einkorn wheat goes back thousands of years and it endures because over the centuries it has been recognized as having exceptional nutritional properties. An ancient cereal for a modern diet since einkorn has high protein content and a high percentage of monounsaturated lipids, plus a good concentration of microelements such as IRON, ZINC and COPPER.

Einkorn wheat does not have a very high yield and proves it is of historic origins. Our suppliers are all trusted partners known to us, and we work together to check every stage of growth, visiting the crops in the field. We select meticulously so only the best grains make the grade.

We grind our einkorn wheat in the Mulino della Riviera mill where we produce our flours. Water-powered slow grinding with natural stone means we can opt for small productions, but of high quality.

Unrefined einkorn flour leaves the grindstone and then passes through the mill’s large sifting machine to obtain the final flour. The flour has a soft texture and is straw yellow in colour, with the combined aromas of hazelnut and wheat.

A tip: Use organic einkorn wheat flour for your cakes. It is ideal on its own for tarts. For cakes use a 50–50 mix with our Super semi-refined wheat flour for excellent results, ensuring the pastry rises well and cooks smoothly! For homemade pasta we recommend mixing with our Italian Type 1 Soft Wheat Flour, for great workability when rolling pasta sheets!


Made in Piedmont.

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