Piedmont Whole Rye Flour


The cereal from Piedmontese tradition

  • Notes of green tea and mountain herbs
  • Suitable for breadmaking at 30% with white flour
  • Great for biscuits
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Rye from the Alpi Marittime Park.

Cultivated from 600m in altitude, our rye is one of the flagship products of our Mulino della Riviera mill.

This venerable cereal takes us back many years in history and has been cultivated in our valleys since ancient times. Its resistance to bad weather, including cold and often adverse conditions, makes it cultivable at considerable altitude: traces of the grain have even been found at almost 2000m above sea level.

The ear of the rye is very tall, around 1.60–1.70m, similar to ancient grains, which is why it does not require weeding: the tall stalk stops proliferation of weeds in the subsoil, in a natural clearing process. The special aspect of this cereal is really its flour. During grinding process in the mill, rye releases an attractive aroma, with hints of green tea and mountain herbs. Incredible! These notes are then echoed in cooking and in the preparation of any product using this special flour. It is worth trying in one of our specialities, out rye and pear biscuits.

Looking at the nutritional values of rye, it is a natural treasure chest of vegetable protein and trace elements, including above all selenium and zinc, followed by magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and calcium. It has high vegetable fibre, so it is a physiological bowel stimulator and even normalizes blood sugar.

A tip: how should rye flour be used and managed? It is so fragrant but difficult to work with.

  • In the kitchen: it is highly recommended for sweet pastries and can be mixed with Type 1 soft wheat for tarts (35% rye, 65% Type 1), and with super soft wheat for cakes (30% rye, 70% super soft wheat). Remember it has a very distinct taste so it is always a good idea use small amounts at the beginning, but you will not regret using it!
  • In bread: dough can be prepared even using 90% rye flour, almost pure, using sourdough starter, for loaves whose humidity will reach almost 100%. With this technique, you will develop our flour’s best aromas and they are truly outstanding! On the other hand, for beginners we recommend mixing our rye with Italian Type 0 flour (70% Type 0, 30% rye the first time) and bread humidity of about 60–65%. The bread will be excellent: fragrant and with a beautiful finish!


Rye and meslin starved the good wife to death.

(Tuscan proverb)



Made in Piedmont



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