Red hermes rice 1 kg.

 7,90 (iva inclusa)

  • Italian
  • Rich of antioxidants properties
  • Intestine regulator

Excellent as side dish for fish or in summer salads

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Our Ermes red rice is a brown rice, derived from the crossing between Venus rice and Indica rice.

It is 100% Italian, grown according to tradition. We buy our rice directly from the rice mill in Vercelli, a city in the lower Padana, where the rice cultivation is mainly concentrated.

This red rice has fantastic antioxidant properties and is therefore recommended for those who want to fight the process of aging by eating! It also has a high fibre content: it is in fact a brown rice and consequently it holds all the natural components able to regulate the intestine.

The red rice keeps a sort of crunchiness, ideal for summer salad or side dish for meat and fish. It will spread such a delicious smell all around the house!

A tip: does the 45minutes cooking scare you? soak it in water the night before: it will cook in only 15minutes!

Origin: Italy.

Weight1 kg