Reunion Island Raw cane sugar

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Unrefined brown sugar, direct from Reunion Island

Ideal for:

  • spiced tarts and biscuits.
  • caramelizing delicious appetizers

Cane sugar from Reunion Island in the Mascarene Archipelago in the Indian Ocean, located east of Madagascar.

We selected this sugar after using it for our biscuits. Its amazing fragrance and flavour make it unique, quite different from all the other sugars usually found on the market.

The difference is made by the semi-worked sugar’s intense aroma and with a medium grain it can easily be used in the kitchen.

Rich in minerals and other trace elements, Reunion Island cane sugar can be used in several ways.

  • For sweet pastries, to give biscuits a unique fragrance. We found this with our milk- and egg-free products, where we use this type of sugar. Excellent also for tarts, as the contrast between the jams and the aromas of the sugar make quite a difference!
  • For savoury dishes: a surprising hint for a special effect in the kitchen!

Speck rolls with bottled prunes: wrap the prunes inside the speck, close with a toothpick and drizzle some EVO on each roll. Before cooking, roll them in the cane sugar as if it were flour, then bake. The sweet-and-sour taste will tickle your taste buds! An excellent, quick, and easy appetizer!


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(Paola Maugeri)

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