Rice flour


Gluten-free flour

  • Ideal for anyone with intolerance
  • Perfect for tarts and cakes
  • Excellent for breading instead of classic flour
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Special selections, rice flour, gluten free.

Rice flour is an excellent substitute for wheat: it is a gluten-free cereal, meaning it does not contain the two proteins that create problems for people who are intolerant or have celiac disease. This “lack” is easily resolved in the kitchen if you follow our tips.

Rice flour offers excellent benefits for our body, low in fat and rich in starch. It should be an alternative to or mixed with more classic flours.

A tip: how should it be used for cooking? As it is rich in starch, rice flour is very sticky, an advantage in producing gluten-free products.

  • For sweet pastries: create a gluten-free mix with buckwheat and cornflour for excellent pastry. The secret is to add an extra egg to make the dough more pliable, and easy to roll out.
  • In bread: not suitable as the lack of gluten prevents it from rising. One tip is to mix it with super semi-whole wheat flour in these percentages: 20% rice, 80% super semi-whole wheat. A tasty bread variation!


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