Stoneground wholemeal flour

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100% Italian Wheat – 100% Watermill ground

Authentic unrefined wheat flour:

  • Mix 40–60 with Type 1 for great biscuits
  • Mix 30–70 with Type 0 for great bread
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Our whole soft wheat flour production process is 100% unrefined.

This means that the grain is not refined during processing and the flour obtained is entirely natural. The flour we offer our consumers is complete and rich in minerals and fibre. Yes, our unrefined whole flour has all the goodness of wheat harvested in the field.

This wheat is grown by our farmer friends, all in Piedmont, and is a mix of heirloom varieties including Abbondanza and Gentil Rosso, whose ancient grains have double W strength, in other words 120–130.

A tip: how to use unrefined whole flour?

  • For bread: mix 70% strong Type 0 with 30% whole soft wheat, when starting out. In this way, you can gauge how our whole soft wheat flour from our own mill performs then you can adjust amounts to suit your needs. This trick avoids bread turning out too heavy for beginners. Gauge the amount of water you use too and with a small home breadmaker you can even aim for 60–65% of the weight of the flour. Good luck!
  • For cakes you can aim for even a 50–50 blend of our whole soft wheat flour with our Super Type 2. The other ingredients, such as eggs, will help you mix everything for an excellent result. When you make a cake, whisk the eggs well right at the beginning, a trick of the trade to ensure a good end result! Good luck!


There are people in the world who are so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.



Made in Piedmont



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