White stone milled Spelt flour

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  • 100% Italian Farro
  • 100% Watermill ground
  • Ideal for anyone with wheat intolerance or who works out

100% Watermill ground, 100% Stoneground


Spelt flour is a unique, rare product and essential in our diet.

Using farro flour in cooking to replace or alternate with Italian Type 1 soft wheat flour is an excellent way of supplementing intake of nutrients. We eat different vegetables every day but often we forget to alternate cereals and wheat!

Our Spelt is a blend of the dicoccum spelt variety and  classic spelt, the more modern variety, which undergo a meticulous grain-by-grain selection.

We check out in the field during the growth cycle, and we swap notes with our trusted farmers – who we consider “our friends of the earth” – to guarantee the quality and wholeness of the product.

We grind at our own mill, Mulino della Rivera, which still operates by waterpower. The flour leaving the mill is unrefined, so we obtain an initial whole farro product, which we then sift to make our exceptionally soft, workable refined flour.

A tip: refined Spelt flour has great workability so use it alone for tarts, cakes and pizza (thin, crispy base). If you want to make homemade pasta you can mix 70% with 30% of our organic Senatore Cappelli Bio durum wheat. This will make the dough more workable and the durum wheat component stops pasta overcooking in the boiling water.


100% Made in Piedmont

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